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Dockers Skinny-Fit is a very modern and slim-cut model, perfect for both casual and business wear. The Dockers Alpha Skinny model is known for their sturdy quality, these pants are made of 98% cotton mixed with 2% Elastane. Are you looking for trousers that you can wear to work with a shirt? But who is also fine in your spare time? Then these are the pants for you!

Dockers Skinny-Fit Alpha can of course be ordered quickly and easily online at Suitable. Order this model and enjoy the beautiful slim fit and the excellent workmanship. Prefer a slightly more spacious model? Then choose one of the other Dockers models from Suitable, such as the D1 or D2. If you cannot find an answer, please do not hesitate to contact Suitable.
Popular Dockers Skinny-Fit | One stop solution in men's fashion
Dockers Skinny-Fit | One stop solution in men's fashionSpecial offerPrice
Dockers Alpha Skinny Khaki $99.95
Dockers Alpha Skinny Chino 360 Flex Green Special offer! $84.64
Dockers Alpha Skinny Chino Brown $120.95
Dockers Alpha Skinny Chino Khaki $120.95
Dockers Alpha Skinny Chino Blue $120.95
Dockers Alpha Skinny Chino Darkgreen 360 Flex Special offer! $72.54
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