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Michaelis belts

Michaelis and Profuomo are part of Micro Fashion. Michaelis originated with making silk men's ties and immersed himself in making the right accessories. It is often thought that a belt is a pointless part of the outfit, while it can make or break your outfit.

Michaelis Belts

In the past, people only had one reason to wear a belt, and that was to prevent the pants from falling off. Today we see that within different brands the range of pants sizes has broadened to such an extent that if you look carefully, you can find a perfect fit that fits well. As a result, people quickly forget that the right belt ensures that your outfit is complete and finished. Many do not know this, but matching the color belt depends on the color of your shoes. It is also important to know which belt you wear for which occasion. For a casual outfit, or when wearing jeans, we recommend that you wear a wider belt, which is often 4 cm or wider. If you are going for a business outfit, a belt with a width of 3 to 3.5 cm is sufficient. Did you know that the length of your belt can often be adjusted to you? A belt has 5 belt holes, and you should wear your belt on the middle hole. This is designed so that you are never left with a long piece of leather, but that your belt goes neatly through the first loop and stays in place.
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