No-Excess Shorts


The Dutch brand No-Excess knows how to create a beautiful and everyday style from casual clothing that is tasteful without appearing too flashy. A clothing brand that is easy to combine and comfortable to wear. No-Excess adds playful details to the clothing such as sporty zippers, elastic waistbands and drawstrings for extra convenience and that adds a bit of your own style.

No-Excess Shorts / shorts

No-Excess shorts are available in different models. 'Regular' shorts or shorts are made of cotton with a small addition of Elastane (stretch). These are reminiscent of chinos, you can easily combine them for a summery dressed occasion, if you combine these with a nice shirt and moccasins you quickly have a smart casual outfit. These shorts have slanted pockets on the front and the pockets on the back are often hidden in the shorts, these models have a slim fit. In addition, No-Excess also offers sporty shorts, which we call Bermudas. These can often be recognized by the wider fit, the length is often just a bit longer than a 'normal' short, and on the thigh these shorts have extra pockets that are clearly visible. It is reminiscent of cargo pants, but short. The pockets on the back of the bermuda are often stitched on, just a bit easier. The finish of these pants is more striking and sporty, which makes these pants easy to wear to leisure occasions or sporty outings. Easily combine it with a T-shirt or sweater and a pair of casual sneakers.
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