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Suitable values your opinion. Below are some tips and conditions that your review needs to meet. 

    * Focus on the article and tell us your experience with it.
    * Did the article meet your expectations?
    * Which features of the article did you like? And which features didn't you like?
    * All submitted reviews are subject to our Terms and Conditions. 
    * Reviews may not contain obscene, vulgar, discriminatory or otherwise offensive language.
    * Reviews may not contain any personal information, such as emailaddresses, phone numbers and creditcard numbers. 
    * Reviews may not hurt, abuse or threaten other people's personal security or property.
    * Reviews may not contain prices, advertisements, spam or references to other articles.
    * Reviews may not contain criticism of other reviews and/or reviewers.

Questions, complaints and / or other experiences that relate to Customer Service or other services from Suitable will not be posted. Please contact our Customer Service if you have any questions or complaints.

Suitable reserves the right to refuse or delete a review if it does not comply with the guidelines set out in the Terms and Conditions.

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