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No-Excess is a brand that is uncomplicated and affordable. They offer the man fashion with fine details, original printed and high quality. This is reflected in the entire collection. They offer a timeless style that you will enjoy for years to come. Contemporary trends have been carefully looked at combined with craftsmanship, they really know what they are doing. Fashion is their passion!

No-Excess Jackets

No-Excess men's jackets are made for the modern man. The man who values a jacket, a jacket that meets his requirements. Functional, but also very fashionable and sporty. The phrase 'Less is more' is the best way to describe the jackets. It is precisely because there are no prominent images or logos on it that it gives the man a confident feeling. Tasteful and trendy.

Types of Jackets

The range of No-Excess jackets offers a wide choice. Padded jackets are lightweight jackets that are suitable for 4 seasons. Soft Shell jackets are sporty, breathable and water resistant, a perfect example of a fashionable jacket that is also very practical! There is a suitable jacket for every occasion! In addition, you can often tailor the jacket to your liking. The sleeves, waist and your hood are adjustable and therefore also useful when the weather or temperature changes.
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