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Olymp No. 6 shirts

The shirts from Olymp's Level 6 collection are modern, luxurious and of high quality. The shirts are each provided with a very tailored and tight fit, also called a Super Slim-Fit or Skinny-Fit. The shirts from the Olymp No. 6 collection are on average 6 cm tighter at the waist than the Olymp Level 5 shirts. Thanks to this extra tight fit, the Olymp Level Six shirts are also very suitable for men with a slim or athletic build.

Combine one of the Olymp Super Slim-Fit shirts with a suit for a formal, smart look. Would you prefer something more casual, for example on a day off or a normal office day? Wear one of the beautiful Olymp shirts with a chino. Quick combination tip: wear a white shirt with a dark blue suit for a stylish and modern look, always good!

Enriched with stretch for extra comfort
The Olymp No 6 shirts are made of 97% cotton, mixed with 3% elastane (stretch). This ensures that the men's shirts feel extra soft, have more freedom of movement and also remain in shape during the day. So you not only enjoy a nice wearing comfort and a shirt that you can move well in, but also convenience and luxury!

Not sure about the right size? Or would you like personal advice? Please contact our customer service, we are happy to help you in your choice for an Olymp Super Slim-Fit shirt!
Previously, the Olymp no.6 line was called Olymp Luxor Slim-Line which was the tailored line of Olymp.
Popular Olymp No. 6 Shirts | Order Olymp Level 6 online | Free delivery | Suitable Men's fashion
Olymp No. 6 Shirts | Order Olymp Level 6 online | Free delivery | Suitable Men's fashionSpecial offerPrice
OLYMP No'6 six Shirt Skinny Fit White $70.95
OLYMP No'6 six Skinny Fit Shirt Blue $70.95
OLYMP No'6 six Shirt Skinny Fit Dark Blue $70.95
Olymp Super Slim Fit Shirt Black $70.95
OLYMP No'6 Shirt 24/Seven Black $94.95
OLYMP No'6 Shirt 24/Seven Olive Green $94.95
OLYMP No'6 Shirt 24/Seven White $94.95
OLYMP No'6 Shirt 24/Seven Blue $94.95
OLYMP No'6 Shirt 24/Seven Navy $94.95
OLYMP No'6 Wedding Shirt SF Ecru $84.95
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