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PME Legend Commander 2 Jeans Blue
Great pants are great, and quickly delivered, absolutely great
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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PME Legend Commander 2 Jeans Blue
Fine quality jeans. Nice fit and delivered quickly
  Thank you for being satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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PME Legend, formerly Pall Mall, is a Dutch brand that is reminiscent of airplanes with its garments. For example, the men's brand uses aircraft parts in its jeans. buttons, for example, are in the form of screws, bolts and other parts of classic aircraft.

PME Legend jeans

A good fit starts at the waist; you should be able to fasten your belt without any trouble. Great classic jeans have a medium rise, so it’s not too high and tight or too loose and baggy. Guys with bigger upper legs or calves should stay away from super slim or skinny fits. Five-pocket denim is one of the characteristics of PME legend Jeans. The jeans from PME Legend are five-pocket denim. This means that the jeans have two patch back pockets and two side pockets, the right one has a small patch pocket. Also called a coin pocket or watch pocket. PME Legend five-pocket jeans can be easily combined with a trendy blazer or just casual fit shirt. We understand that choosing the right fit can be challenging, and we offer you an online solution as our online advisors. Together with your preferences and our experience, we are sure to get you the right fit for your favorite PME legend jeans.

Most worn fits are:

Slim Fit Slim is not skinny. Instead, slim-fit jeans should slightly hug the thighs, knees, and calves while loosening up around your ankles.

Modern Fit It’s a loose cut throughout, these jeans are for guys who don’t want to feel the fabric clammed around their legs the whole time.

And last but not least, don’t worry about your body type! Focus more on functionality and the end-use of your PME jeans. A more classic fit lends itself to everyday activities, while a tailored cut is more suitable for formal events.

Beside above details, you might want to make the jeans more personal: for instance, rolling up the bottom of your jeans and have a look inside: Is there piping or stitching that looks cool when revealed? Then go for it, roll up your trouserleg. Look for a fit, fabric, and wash that fits with your lifestyle. Relaxed fits give freedom of movement for more active lifestyles; for the dapper guy, salvage denim gives a crisp, tailored feeling. Good design comes down to as little design as possible and concentrates on the product’s essence — accessibility, form, and function.

PME Legend pants - different models

PME pants are available in various designs and washes. To find a men's jeans that suits you, four models are highlighted below:

PME Commander

The PME Legend Commander G2 jeans are made from a denim fabric. This ensures that the jeans can be combined with everything. The Commander G2 is a pair of pants that is narrower around the thigh. Due to the stretch, there is enough room to move. The men's jeans are a straight-fitting model, which means that the trouser legs fall straight down. A striking feature of these jeans is that the pockets are made in the shape of a wing. This brings back the airplane element. The Commander G2 Jeans is an update of the Generation 1 jeans. The G2 is made from a Sweat Denim fabric. The fit has become slightly narrower and more modern because the stretch fabric provides freedom of movement. But the jeans are still characterized by the extra space on the thigh and straight fit. The wing-shaped pockets and the phone pocket make the jeans unique.

PME Legend Skyhwawk

The PME Skyhwawk is a jeans with a denim color and is a bit wider, this is due to the regular fit. The pants have stretch and a cool wash. The button on the fly is a striking feature of the five-pocket design. This is in fact depicted as a propeller.

PME Nightflight jeans

PME Nightflight jeans are jeans with a slightly more dark wash. The jeans have a tight fit, making the PME Legend Nightflight comparable to skinny jeans. Due to the slightly more dark wash, the jeans are suitable to wear both during the day and in the evening. Here too, sufficient elements of the aircraft are returned.

PME Curtis

The PME Curtis is a jeans that has been in the range of PME for some time. These are a good basic pair of jeans that you can wear for both business and private purposes. Because the PME Legend model Curtis has enough stretch, the pants always fit well. It is a model that sits spacious on the hips and offers enough space at the trouser legs.

Five-pocket denim

The jeans from PME Legend are five-pocket denims. This means that the jeans have two patch back pockets and two side pockets, the right one of which has a small patch pocket. Also called a coin pocket or watch pocket. PME Legend five-pocket jeans can be easily combined with a trendy blazer or modern shirt. Complete your outfit with a wide belt.

PME Legend clothing & PME Legend online

The PME Legend collection is characterized by quality, recurring aircraft elements and cool look-and-feel. Suitable has a spacious range of PME Legend clothing. The collection extends online and in the 16 shops of polo shirts, T-shirts and a spacious range of men's jeans.

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