Removing stains for men

It starts at breakfast, but also during lunch at the office or when you're toasting of the weekend at Fridaynight: there is stain-danger everywhere you go! 

After all, a stain is made quickly. But no worries! Suitable will make you a real stain-expert, but we do not promise it will impress the ladies. Maybe your mother? 
Coffee, beer, wine, grease, toothpaste.. Please do not throw out your shirt, but use our tips and tricks to remove the stains!

Which stain do you want to remove?

Removing beer stains

The more beer you drink, the more beer you'll probably spill. Men's favorite drink mainly consists of water. Fortunately, because that means that the beer stain is easily removed with warm water. 

Stains from darks beers are a bit more tricky to remove. Let the garment soak in lukewarm water and then wash it with the rest of the laundry. It the stain really bad? Rub it in with some liquid detergent before washing it. 

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