Vanguard: Life is a nomadic discovery

Every season Vanguards launches a new sophisticated, tough collection, inspired by the Nomadic lifestyle of independent adventurers. Vanguard clothing radiates being carefree after a long, relaxing motor ride.
Vanguards collections consist of high-quality basics with recognizable biker accents, but striking items with beautiful prints and unique designs as well.

Vanguard Clothing is part of Just Brands, a dynamic fashioncompany with more than 20 years of experience in designing fashionable and stylish men’s clothing.
Vanguard is of Just Brands’ casual concepts and was launched in 2006.

From shirts to tough Vanguard jeans

Vanguard’s diversity is a fact. From dress shirts to t-shirts and jeans, Vanguards offers a complete collection for your wardrobe. These garments for men are renowned for sturdy details, a good quality and for modern designs.
Order a fine Vanguard jeans, a casual shirt or a nice t-shirt quick and simply in the online Suitable store. Do you prefer to try it on first? Visit one of our local Suitable stores to see the Vanguard collection.

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Popular Vanguard
VanguardSpecial offerPrice
Vanguard Zip Jacket Merino Grijs $ 164,95
Vanguard Pullover Dark Blue Special offer! $ 64,95
Vanguard Pullover Green Special offer! $ 64,95
Vanguard V8 Racer Blue Jeans $ 154,95
Vanguard V7 Rider Jeans Grey Beige $ 154,95
Vanguard Print Shirt Flowers Navy Special offer! $ 59,95
Vanguard Print Shirt Flowers Blue Special offer! $ 59,95
Vanguard Print Shirt Printed Navy Special offer! $ 59,95
Vanguard Pullover Blue Special offer! $ 64,95
Vanguard Brakeride Leather Jacket Brown $ 464,95
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