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When you buy clothes online, you are choosing your size without trying the item on. This can be tricky! We would therefore like to help you the best we can, to make sure you order the right size!

For most items in our webshop a size guide is added, based on the brand, fit and shape of the item. On this page you will find an explanation about which size is best for you when choosing different kinds of clothing and accessories. Please also take into account our tips!

Size guide

Sizes of Casual shirts

Sizes of Truien, vesten, t-shirts

Sizes of Broeken

Sizes of Kostuums

Sizes of Sokken

Sizes of Dress Shirts

Sizes of Riemen

Sizes of Handschoenen

Sizes of Colberts

Sizes of Gala Kostuums

Sizes of Boxershorts

Sizes of Herenkleding

Sizes of Suits

The most important thing when buying a suit is making sure the fit is right for you. The suit needs to close easily, but should not be too wide either. If your fist fits between your chest and suit it's perfect! The pants must be fitted, but still comfortable. Do your hands glide in your pockets easily? this means the size is right for you. Dont they? Try a bigger size! De size indication in based on the regular fit of standard clothing sizes. You can measure your size using the diagram below. Need any help? Contact our customer service for advice. 
Maatwijzer Opposuits
EU SizeBorst OmtrekWaist circumferenceLeg Length
46<101cm<85 cm<83 cm
48<105 cm<87 cm<84 cm
50<109 cm<89 cm<85 cm
52<113 cm<91 cm<86 cm
54<117 cm<95 cm<87 cm
56<122 cm<99 cm<88 cm
58<128 cm<104 cm<89 cm
60<134 cm<109 cm<89 cm
62<140 cm<114 cm<89 cm
Maatwijzer Van Gils Pakken
Regular sizes444648505254565860
Chest89 - 9293 - 9697 - 100101 - 104105 - 108109 - 112113 - 116117 - 120121 - 124
Hip88 - 9192 - 9596 - 99100 - 103104 - 107108 - 111113 - 116118 - 121123 - 126
Waist85 - 8889 - 9293 - 9697 -100101 - 104105 - 108111 - 114117 - 120123 - 126
Hoogte175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189175 - 189
Maatwijzer Van Gils Pak Ellis
Omvang middel798387919599105111117
Broekspijp omvang373839404142434445
Maatwijzer Van Gils Pak Zenar
Maatwijzer Van Gils Pak Salvador
Taille broek798387919599105111117

Sizes of Dress Shirts

Sizes of Dress Shirts Sleeve 7

Sizes of Trousers

Finding the right pair of pants can be quite a task. The measuments an size charts differ for each brand, which can make it difficult to choose the right size. We advise you to always check the measurements and the fit of the trousers you wish to order. For pants ans trousers there are two types of size indications. The Amercain size is stated in inches, like W32, W34 or W64. But the French size is indicated in normal clothing sizes like 48, 50 or 52. 

Do the pants that you like have inches as sizes? You can easily determine the correct size by measuring your waist and the inseam lenght (inside of your leg). If you are used to measuring thing in centimeters, just divide the centimeters by 2,54 to get inches. Easy right? 

Maatwijzer Suitable Chino
Dress size464850525456
Length inside leg858787878789
Length and quarter sizes981021062526
Length inside leg9191918383
Maatwijzer Dockers Broeken
Pants Size Width30313233343536384042
Waist size76-7878-8181-8383-8686-8888-9191-9396-98101-104106-109
Seat size91-9393-9696-9898-101101-103103-105105-107107-110110-114114-117
Thigh size53-5454-5555-5757-5858-5959-6060-6262-6464-6565-67
Maatwijzer Dockers Broeken Lengte
Pants Size Length30323436
Binnenbeen lengte70 - 7575 - 7979 - 8484 - 90
Maatwijzer Mac Jeans
Taille in Inches30313233343536384042
Clothing size44454648505052545658
Waist size in CM75-7778-8081-8384-8687-8990-9293-9596-99100-103104-107
Seat size in CM93-9495-9697-99100-102103-105106-108109-111112-114115-117118-120
Height in Inches30323436
Leg length in CM75-7880-8385-8890-93
Maatwijzer Levi's Broeken Lengte
Pants Size Length30323436
Binnenbeen lengte69,5-74,574,5-79,579,5-84,584,5-89,5
Maatwijzer Levi's Broeken Breedte
Pants Size Width28293031323334363840
Waist size68,5-7070-72,572,5-75t75-77,577,5-8080-82,582,5-8686-9191-9696-101
Seat size86,5-8989-91,591,5-9494-96,596,5-9999-101,5101,5-105105-110110-115115-120
Dijbeen omvang52,25-53,553,5-54,7554,75-5656-57,2557,25-58,558,5-59,7559,75-61,561,5-6464-66,566,5-69
Maatwijzer Gaastra Broeken
Pants Size Width30313233343638
Clothing size44464850525456
Pants Size Length323436
Binnenbeen Lengte81-8586-9091-95
Buitenbeen Lengteca. 105ca.110ca. 115
Maatwijzer Vanguard Broeken
Binnenbeen lengte 3281,581,581,581,581,581,581,581,581,581,5
Binnenbeen lengte 3486,586,586,586,586,586,586,586,586,586,5
Binnenbeen lengte 3690,590,590,590,590,590,590,590,590,590,5
Binnenbeen lengte 3896,596,596,596,596,596,596,596,596,596,5
Maatwijzer Meyer Regular
Binnenkant been8082848686878788
Maatwijzer Nudie Jeans Hank Rey
Pants Size Width282930313233343638
Waist Width3940.541.5434445.546.54951.5
Front height2626.5272727.52828.52930
width leg1818.51919.52020.5212223
Maatwijzer Nudie Jeans Straight Alf
Pants Size Width282930313233343638
Waist Width383940.541.5434445.54850.5
Front height2323.52424.5252525.526.527
width leg1717.51818.51919.5202122
Maatwijzer Nudie Jeans Grim Tim
Pants Size Width282930313233343638
Waist Width383940.541.5434445.54850.5
Front height2323.52424.5252525.526.527
width leg1717.51818.51919.5202122
Maatwijzer Nudie Jeans Average Joe
Pants Size Width30313233343638
Waist Width40.5424344.545.54850.5
Front height2626.5272727.528.529
width leg20.52121.52222.523.524.5
Maatwijzer Nudie Jeans Slim Jim
Pants Size Width282930313233343638
Waist Width373839.540.5424344.54750
Front height2323.52424.5252525.526.527
width leg1919.52020.52121.5222324.5
Lengte binnenbeen7980828385868788
Lengte binnenbeen88907879
Maatwijzer Gardeur Model Benny3
Clothing size4850525456-98102
Bandwijdte (omtrek)86909498104-8890
Voetwijdte (omtrek)3839404040-3838
Maatwijzer Meyer Kort
Binnenkant been767880818282838384
Maatwijzer Meyer Lang
Binnenkant been85878991929393

Sizes of Polo Shirts

Sizes of T-shirts

Sizeguide Suitable T-Shirt OBRA RF
Borstomvang (cm)104108112116120
Tailleomvang (cm)104108112116120
Ruglengte (cm)7375788183

Sizes of Sokken

Sizes of Gala & Wedding

Sizes of Casual Shirts

Sizes of Boxershorts

Sizes of Riemen

Sizes of Sweaters

More and more men are looking for the perfect fit. Suitable therefore offers different types of fits. For example, choose a regular-fit if you are looking for a comfortable, straight fit. Go for a slim fit if you prefer a modern and fitted shape. Do you prefer something in between? That is also possible, then opt for a slightly tailored modern-fit. 

Sizes of Jackets

Sizes of Fleece & Cardigans

Sizes of Waistcoats

Sizes of Gloves

There are different ways to determine the size of your gloves. The most reliable way is to measure the inside of your hand. Measure from the thumb  all the way around to your little finger. Another way to determine the right glove size is to use your shoesize. Please check our size charts to check out your size.

Maatwijzer Laimbock Handschoenen
Omtrek CM17,618,920,221,522,824,125,426,72829,4
Shoe size35 / 363738 / 394041 / 424344 / 45464748
Omtrek CM232426

Sizes of Herenkleding

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