-  Tuesday, 16 November  |  L.
Silk Tie Orange F01
I chose this tie for the color: it is nice and bright / bright. It is also a great tie, not super chic, but not 'shabby' either. The delivery was not the next day, as indicated, but 3 days later (and that was just in time). Furthermore, an excellent product at a good price.
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 -  Friday, 1 April  |  Roy
Silk Tie Orange F01
This Oranjedas was the reason for me to purchase at least 5 additional colors. I think the quality (and the wonderfully thick - single - knot that forms) is superb! I have branded ties that I [site name] 5 for, but they don't make it by far!
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 -  Tuesday, 7 June  |  Roy
Silk Tie Orange F01
Nice and thick strop due to super quality and sturdy fabric. And that for a very competitive price. No wonder I only ordered ten shades here. Compliments!
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Orange ties from Suitable are made of 100% Italian silk. The collection of orange ties from Suitable is very diverse: plain, striped or ties with a motif (design). In the Netherlands, the orange stands for all national sports teams and pars pro toto usually for the whole of the Netherlands. An orange tie is also often worn on King's Day (previously Princess Day and Queen's Day).

Orange tie

Orange is a cheerful color that works well with creatives. It is a much used color for clothing but also for ties. Wearing this color clearly indicates that you are going to do something fun. Orange is a warm color that looks best with an autumn type. It is a color you like or not. A coral-orange tie is a beautiful sunny color for a spring type who wants something different.
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