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Profuomo Colberts

What distinguishes Profuomo 's jackets from all other brands is that they always match the fashion image of today, but also give a timeless twist to their products. The mix of materials ensures that if you choose the right size, the jacket fits perfectly to the body. Lately we have seen the term ' Knitted' more often. This literally means knitted, and since comfort is one of the latest trends in menswear, it feels like you're wearing one of your favorite cardigans!

Profuomo fit

A jacket must meet a number of requirements if you want it to come into its own. Pay attention to size and fit! Your size is based on the width of your shoulders. Know that the fits are slim-fit so the jacket can fit well. Please note that there is no extreme tension on the button when closing. The right length is also essential, it should compliment your body. The cuffs of the shirt you are wearing may extend 1.5 cm below the sleeve of the jacket.

Colbert maintenance

Follow the washing instructions in it. We recommend that you always have a number of basic colors at home, so that you can vary sufficiently. That way you only have to steam your jackets twice a year. And you can hang out your jacket after wearing it, let it ventilate well and remove it with a brush at the most. This way your jacket will stay beautiful longer and you will enjoy it longer!
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