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Pants can be divided into different categories. You have the jeans, chinos, trousers and shorts. But the most stylish variant is certainly the chino, which is also available in several colors and fits. The origin of the chino goes back to the 19th century. These were worn by the English army. They then disappeared from view because the Jeans were worn much more. In the meantime, we now see that the chinos have been on the streets for a while.

Profuomo Chino

Profuomo chino is a sporty pair of trousers that can be worn both casual and for business. The fit is a bit like trousers. The chino has slanted side pockets on the front of the pants. On the back, the back pockets are concealed in the pants, giving it a sleek and neat look like that of a pair of trousers. The light stretch that has been added ensures ultimate wearing comfort! In addition, the fabric is thin and light, which makes these pants very pleasant to wear in the summer. You can wear a chino dressed by combining it with a nice shirt in combination with the right jacket and a neat shoe. But also great to wear casual or leisure time with a good sneaker and a casual t-shirt or sweater. The chinos are mainly made of cotton, so you can easily wash them yourself, and you don't have to go to the dry cleaner. Make sure you do not use too much detergent and follow the washing instructions to enjoy these pants for longer.
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Profuomo Chino Garment DYE Beige $120.95
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Profuomo Chino Garment DYE Blue $120.95
Profuomo Chino Garment DYE Green $120.95
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